Live Simply, Love Nature.

Sustainability is quite simply, in our DNA. Mou was established in London in 2002, on the principles of eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable production. 

Mou uses only luxurious natural fibres that are biodegradable and derived from sustainable sources.

Our outsoles are made in a variety of natural materials including recycled rubber, EVA, suede, wood and crepe.

Since 2008 our packaging has been made in recycled cardboard. The design of our boxes allows for re-use, carrying without a bag and storage. Our tissue paper is acid free.

We incorporate into our designs recycled or waste by-products where feasible. Over the years, some Mou designs have been made almost entirely from waste materials. 

We work with the world’s most innovative tanneries and leaders in sustainable and environmentally-friendly production methods. Mou factory workers receive fair wages and enjoy safe working conditions. We do not use child labour.

We feel better and healthier wearing genuine natural fibres because they allow our skin to breathe and have natural insulating properties. We advocate the use of genuine furs and leathers that are available as the natural by-products of the meat and dairy industries. We avoid synthetic materials which are man-made at great energy cost from non-renewable fossil resources, such as plastics, polar fleece and faux-fur.