inspired by the wilds of nature and a spirit of adventure

mou |mu |

adjective (French)

m (f molle) soft to the touch ( 'tissu, tige’)

Established in London in 2002, Mou brings you artisanal, handcrafted footwear and accessories in luxurious natural fibres.

We use premium leathers from ethical and sustainable sources, all carefully selected for their natural beauty, softness and durability. 

Our unique combining of original styling with traditional handcraft manufacturing techniques results in timelessly beautiful designs, made to last.

translated from the French word for "soft to the touch" references the sensual softness of our materials and the supreme softness of feminine energy. As a brand, we celebrate the softness and strength of the feminine spirit. We believe that like the flow of water, enduring softness can be extraordinarily powerful and transformative in life.

We also take inspiration from the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, seeing beauty in imperfection, appreciating simplicity and accepting the transient nature of all things. 

Be cocooned in comfort and feel the luxurious softness of natural fibres with Mou, where ethical and sustainable production meets timeless design.