our belief: be good 


Honesty and authenticity sit at the heart of our brand, particularly around our commitment to ethical and sustainable practice. We are open and transparent, sharing our successes and failings. We are inspired by the Japanese faith of Shintoism, believing that humans are fundamentally good. 


We believe that there is no point in creating something unless you’re willing to put your heart and soul into ensuring it is of the highest quality. We demand excellence from our partners and suppliers and expect our customers to expect nothing less from our brand. 


We are passionate about the art of handmade craft. Combining design innovation with traditional techniques, we take immense pride over every tiny detail – from embroidery on a boot to the tissue paper in the box, every element is crafted with care and consideration. 


We are restless in our commitment to improvement and enhancement. Always open to new ideas and approaches, we are constantly looking for new methods that support sustainability and enhance the quality of our pieces. 


Our belief in the value of beauty refers to both aesthetics and actions. Whether we’re creating a beautiful new boot or meeting a new supplier to agree the terms of our relationship, beauty is both something you see and something you feel. We are inspired by the Japanese idea of wabi-sabi where there is beauty in imperfection.