About Mou Shoes

Shelley Tichborne founded Mou from London’s Notting Hill in 2002, with an ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly DNA. 

Mou is the French word for “soft to the touch”, evoking both the sensual softness of materials used in the collection and the inherent beauty of femininity itself.

While still a ‘niche’ brand, Mou has a cult following at home and abroad for its chic, artisanal accessories and distinctive design ‘handwriting’. All Mou products are made to last and crafted in hand-selected, premium, natural fibres. 

To discover Mou’s footwear collection in your region, visit our footwear retail site https://www.mou-online.com, which is operated in accordance with an ongoing collaborative license agreement between Mou Limited & Artcrafts International SPA.